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Johnny Storm

Johnny Storm (aka John Sandstrom) is a former AM-FM radio broadcaster from Fargo ND.  Now he has brought his talents to the Live to WIn NOW podcast!  With over 10 years experience in radio and podcasting Johnny knows how to get the best out of his guests and give the audience content they can take action on!  Johnny Storm served in the USAF for five years after high school and has two children and five grand children.  Johnny went into radio broadcasting school shortly after leaving the USAF and his journey as a broadcaster, interviewer and enterainer were began!  After getting fired from coroporate radio TWICE Johnny decided it was safer and better money in the automobile business.  He sold cars for 18 years and served as a finance manager, sales manager and General Sales Manager of several car dealerships.  After leaving the car business Johnny went on to form JSX Global which is a business expense reduction firm.  Johnny started live to win NOW because of his own personal battles with health, finances and personal demons.  He recently defeated type 2 diabetes without medication and had a complete lifestyle change as a result.  After getting sick with other complications Johnny Storm realized that tomorrow is never guaranteed and that we all need to live our best lives NOW!  You can find Johnny's expense reduction service at!  

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Live to Win Now is all about YOU! This site in conjunction with the weekly podcast is designed to help you to live your best life right now as tomorrow might be too late. We do this with guests that share their stories and how they did it as well as offering you the latest in training and self empowerment programs! We also feature business opportunities that you can explore to see what might help you to live your life with purpose and passion right NOW!


Live to Win Now Presents

Damion Lupo

   Raised in Alaska, Damion is part Alaskan, part Texan and 100% Reinvention. He's a four-time college dropout who cut his teeth in the trenches of real life, becoming a self-made multimillionaire by age 25.

He's the founder of Yokido, holds a black belt in Aikido, is a practitioner of yoga and a student of Reiki. He's a lifelong student of Austrian economics and runs a precious metals company based in Austin, Texas.  You can find Damion here!

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